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Digital Marketing Engineer, Multilingual SEO Expert, Search Engine Marketing Professional, Technical SEO, LAMP Stack Application Fan & FOSS Enthusiast, PPC Advertiser, Debian & Devuan GNU/Linux System Administrator, CRM Solution Provider, Joomla! Webmaster, WordPress Virtuoso & OpenCart E-Commercialist. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.
Digital Marketing Specialist & Multilingual SEO Strategist

HSTS: Improve Your Web Site Security Headers

Learn how to improve your website's SEO & page speed by adding security headers and HSTS - HTTP Strict Transport Security - to your site by simply adding a few lines of code to your .htaccess file. HSTS - is a web security policy mechanism which helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks & cookie hijacking.

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Google Talks: The Art of Business Storytelling

Great Google Talk by Ameen Haque, Founder of Storywallahs & former VP over at Ogilvy & Mather. Learn some simple yet highly effective secrets of storytelling, and why stories are important for every business that wants to market it's services or products.

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