Linux Kung Fu. Debian Freestyling.

Debian Linux, FOSS Applications & Ninja Tools.

You have arrived at a site of speed.

Because only when you strip away all unnecessary clutter and you’re left with the bare essentials you may focus your attention on the truly important. Focus on what really makes a difference. For me that’d be mostly:

Free Open Source Software, Debian Linux, LAMP Stack Applications, Linux Kung Fu & Ninja Command Line Tools. And some assorted real life ramblings whenever I feel like it.

My target here is to make it easy to add content using my favorite editor Vim, GNU/Linux tools like SSH, tmux and rsync to make my blogging really fast, simple and easy.

Less is certainly more efficient.

It’s not the things you own that make your rich, it’s the stuff you don’t need.

So here’s where that got me:

No JavaScript. No Cookies. No CSS Stylesheets.

Instead you benefit from:

Basically just some good old HTML for the browser of your choice to render:

Remake the Internet like it’s 1999.

Welcome to my reintepretation of how a decent website should look like! 😎
Even the big G agrees with me 100%. Just check out my PageSpeed.

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