Daniel Tenningås

✉ Email: info@danten.io

Send me an email - I’m a fan of asynchronous communication!

Remember that electronic mail is not a secure medium and can be intercepted at both ISP or server level and at home, in the office or on network level by those with the skills and the intent to do so.

For transmission of confidential information via email I do strongly recommend the use of encryption such as e.g PGP or GnuPG to safeguard against security intrusions and protect your privacy.

You can use my OpenPGP Public Key to encrypt your messages:

PGP Public Key 0x79E86691
Fingerprint 588E 7C21 BB16 0370 1FE9 4C48 50A9 5FF6 79E8 6691

Initiate contact via Email if you want to use IRC, XMPP, Matrix or Signal.

☏ Voice: +49 (0) 451 3050 6205

My local time is Europe/Berlin (UTC +1). Voicemail available.