Daniel Tenningås

Linux System Administrator & Serial Entrepreneur

[ TL;DR ] : Debian System Administrator, LAMP Stack Fan. Free Open Source Software, Technical SEO & Ecommerce. Data Privacy & System Security.

So you want to know more about me. Well, let’s see what we’ve got:

Born in the Northern Lands, Year of the Dragon

On a cold winters day, as the snow was falling steady over the dark woods. In a place far up North, where hungry polar bears roam the streets and friendly raven guard the fields.

Linux System Administrator & Technical SEO

Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator, Apache Web Server, Xen Hypervisor, LAMP Stack Applications, Bacula Backup, Technical SEO, Matomo Analytics, Firewall & Security.

Enterprise Ready Tech Consultant

Starting out as a digital entrepreneur in 2005, I’ve founded multiple ventures and worked as technological advisor to several e-commerce corporations.

Serving Fortune 500 companies, leading NGO’s and large international organizations, I rocked the startup scene for more than a decade to finally settle for more balance:

I now live life as a stable サラリーマン (sararīman) for a great company located in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Germany.

Work is really fun and I get to do (mostly) things that I enjoy doing.

Special Skills

Creative problem solving, out of the box thinking. You always have a choice, and some of the best innovations have come out of restraint or a situation that set strict limits to your options. There’s always an opportunity, you’ll just have to play the right angle.

Adversus exitus optio non est.

FOSS Tool Kit & Interests

Lead Generation & Growth Hacking

Workflow Tools

I do turn-key ecommerce solutions, cloud based collaboration, corporate web servers, intranet solutions, self-hosted LAMP applications, content management systems, Bash scripts & Linux console tools. Digital strategy consulting, holistic SEO solutions and brand equity building. Lead generation and customer relationship management. All in a powerful combination to rock your corporate boat.

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