Debian: Mount Your AOSP Phone

So the day has come that I want to mount my phone and transfer some of them groovy tunez to the SD card, as to pimp up my summer day experiences with some funky music and brighten up my walks in urban nature. Since the SD card is mounted under the removable battery, it’s a bit of a pain to write to it directly making it much easier to simply connect it to my workstation via the USB-C cable.

Actually, my main phone is a customized AOSP device and not a LineageOS, but this works also with LineageOS. For this purpose we’ll make use of a tool called jmtpfs - from TFM jmtpfs(1) :

       jmptfs - FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices

       jmtpfs [options] MOUNTPOINT

       jmtpfs  is a FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP (Me‐
       dia Transfer Protocol) devices. It was specifically designed for ex‐
       chaning files between Linux (and Mac OS X) systems and newer Android
       devices that support MTP but not USB Mass Storage.

Running Devuan Beowulf 3.1.0 - basically Debian 10 spinning up on sysvinit - you’d simply do this:

$ apt install jmtpfs
$ mkdir ~/Android
$ jmtpfs ~/Android

Then access the folder Android with the file browsing tool of your choice:

Pretty easy, eh? 😎


PS: Mounted devices should be un‐mounted using fusermount -u MOUNTPOINT

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