Holistic SEO: Sustainable Long-Term SEO

Holistic SEO. The Way to Sustainable Results.

Holistic SEO is more than just a recent hype when it comes to effective search engine optimization. It’s the only way to achieve a lasting and sustainable increase in organic traffic and top search engine rankings.

Long-term holistic SEO generates sustainable growth in sales revenue.

Businesses that make successful use of holistic SEO will be able to grow faster by generating more inbound leads, more orders and ultimately build brand equity.

What is holistic SEO?

A Google search for the definition of the word “holistic” tells us this:

adjective: holistic

  1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

In easy words:

You have a holistic approach when you connect all dots and focus on the big picture.

When you know that every little part is important to the success of the whole. Ubuntu spirit so to say, in the world of SEO.

Google is constantly improving and updating its algorithms. The number of ranking factors during the recent years have significantly increase. Powerful AI systems have been transforming Google Search since 2015.

This algorithm learning artificial intelligence system is called RankBrain.

Because Google is constantly improving the accuracy of their search results, SEO experts need to take a long-term holistic approach. Even more so today, as Google is leveraging the power of AI for search.

Only Holistic SEO is Successful SEO

The only way to achieve lasting success with SEO and significantly increase your bottom line aka sales revenue in the digital realm is to embrace SEO as the result of a myriad of ranking factors.

From technical SEO ranking factors such as site speed, mobile friendliness, site security and other on-site ranking factors to content SEO, user experience and even offsite factors like social media marketing and public relation campaigns:

You need to pay extra careful attention to every single part of the build process in order to create sustainable high-impact SEO results.

High impact holistic SEO takes it further:

By integrating your SEO strategy into every element and aspect of your website, you build a lasting foundation for a strong online marketing mix. As a result, your company’s digital marketing efforts will generate sustainable growth by driving organic traffic.

Because of the synergies created by well implemented holistic SEO, tangible benefits will result also for other part of your marketing.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

If you want to create a solid SEO structure you need to be working on every single part of this interconnected web of ranking factors.

The synergies of well executed and strategically planned work on every level is what give your site the necessary leverage to rank high on the SERPs. Especially for that “last mile” on the very top of the 1st page search results and top part of the viewport, every single factor that can give you a SEO boost is of critical importance.

Holistic SEO is the only way to build and retain solid page rankings in highly competitive verticals. You’ll stand a good chance to survive from Google algorithm updates or even emerging from them with better ranking.

Holistic SEO & PPC Campaigns

SEO becomes really powerful when conducted holistically and in synergy with your Google AdWords PPC campaigns.

You can gain far more exposure – and traffic! – by showing up both in paid results as well as in the organic search results. PPC campaigns allows you to conduct quick test runs of potential high-value keywords for your content marketing, social media and email marketing teams to work on.

Simply by sharing information between your SEO and your PPC teams, you can achieve amazing results. Both teams work on similar data. By combining insights from both angles it is possible to e.g increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns by achieving a better keyword quality score, identifying high-value longtail keywords for content marketing etc.

Using Insights from Analytics to Drive Growth

Using the insights gained from both teams you then optimize your landing pages to improve user experience.

Great user experience is core part of holistic SEO:

Navigation, site structure, color and design, mobile friendliness etc. are factors that have impact on CTRs, bounce rates and conversions.

When you approach SEO holistically, you’ll realize that when you base your work on sound analytics you’ll be able to make real improvements that help you gain ranking and site traffic. Again – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Once the synergies start kicking in, the synergies themselves synergize!

Technical SEO. The Root of the Holistic Approach.

A cleanly coded, well structured site that integrates SEO and technical Google guideline compliance with high PageSpeed rank, as well as good site security and unique quality content is a must for those who want their business to live long and prosper on the internet.

From the domain WHOIS information to the various SEO relevant settings for the Apache (or Nginx) web server, SSL certificates and .htaccess files to many other technical SEO ranking factors, it is important to focus on every technical part with a SEO mindset.

301 redirects, generation of XML sitemaps and robot indexing exclusion standard that is robots.txt make up an important part of the holistic SEO approach.

Using advanced technical SEO, it is often possible to boost your search engine page ranks by adding a few lines of code to e.g avoid duplicate content pages that would otherwise get punished by Google.

Clean Code Optimized for PageSpeed

You need to ensure that every single part of the whole is created with a high amount of attention to every little detail.

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Especially when dealing within intensely competitive verticals and high-value keywords every single ranking factor counts. A slow page can undermine a lot of good content and SEO work, or the wrong line in a robots.txt file could block an entire section of your website from becoming indexed.

When setting up a site, it’s important to keep it clean and optimize for speed. You will need to make the right tweaks to the Apache web server configuration. Edit files such as the .htaccess or by e.g using a cache system or a CDN (Content Delivery Network) if your privacy policy allows for that. You’ll need to add a SSL certificate to encrypt your http request – this is also an increasingly important ranking factor.

Even tasks as optimizing a SQL database and its queries for speed have to be seen in a different light when it becomes clear that faster speed equals increased revenue.

Technical SEO. The Holistic Way.

Technical SEO is one of the most important factors for the ranking of your site. Many people are aware of on-site SEO methods such as unique quality content, correct meta tags etc. On the other hand, you probably know about off-site SEO methods such as link-building.

But what about technical SEO?

Technical SEO stands out as the very foundation of your building:

If you view your holistic SEO efforts as the construction of a house, then technical SEO is the groundwork that makes up the cornerstones of your building:

Only when you have a strong foundation and a well built groundwork, then your house will be firm and long-lasting.

Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring that the groundwork of your website is built on clean and firm foundations.

Ranking factors for both on-site as well as off-site SEO tend to evolve and change more rapidly by Google algorithm updates. It’s worthwhile to note that technical SEO is far more stable:

Google focus on fast-loading websites for example is not likely to change any time soon. The same goes for duplicate content, correct usage of 301 redirects etc. These factors might be subject to further granulation by Google, but the very principles behind them are likely to stay.

Because of this, your technical SEO deserves special attention.

A well built site with strong technical SEO is far more likely to perform over a long lasting period of time.

Technical SEO is covering a myriad of factors, including:

Holistic SEO & Content Marketing

Having a solid foundation in terms of technical SEO is important.

But then what? Yeah, you guessed it:

Unique high-quality content is needed for on-page SEO. A site with a strong technical SEO foundation and a superior user experience is not enough. You’ll need to create unique quality content to be able to rank high on the SERPs for your products or services.

When we talk about content: Text is still one of the most important content forms for SEO. You also want to make use of videos, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, email newsletters etc. Find your own style, and create your own unique high-quality content in line with your brand values.

This is not only good for general on-site SEO, but it will also help you promoting your site. Once you provide unique quality content, it’s far more easy to build strong backlinks, create buzz. Other publishers or bloggers are much more likely to write about your content and link to it.

Holistic SEO, PR & Social Media Marketing

Back in the days, you didn’t have that many media channels to focus on when it came to SEO. That was the time when SEO was mostly about keywords, backlinks and meta tags.

This has changed, and those good old days are gone.

Today, a rich variety of media channels need to get leveraged in order to outrank your competitors.

A highly effective strategy is to integrate your SEO efforts with your Public Relations campaigns. Press releases are a popular way of creating buzz and generating backlinks.

Simply by making SEO guidelines and best linking practices a priority also for your PR team, you can achieve amazing results also when it comes to organic ranking and search engine marketing. Have your SEO team sit down with your press release writers and publishers before release to ensure you get a really good ROI.


Because good SEO has become a crucial factor of success for any online business, it is today more important than ever. You want to ensure stable long-term results when it comes to your SEO and search marketing efforts.

Holistic SEO solutions are a powerful way of approaching this.

Only by building a strong and sustainable foundation using technical SEO you will be able to outrank your competitors over the long run.

By taking into account all the various ranking factors, you will be able to rank much higher on the SERPs in a sustainable way. You’ll also create synergies between the various elements.

In fact, and by taking a holistic SEO approach, you’ll be able to improve your overall marketing efforts and increase your bottom line gains.

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